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What are the Benefits of Aluminium Extrusions?

Aluminium profiles play an essential role in many of today’s modern industries including aerospace, electronics and engineering. For this reason, a high-quality service that is guaranteed to provide accurate results is essential when sculpting aluminium parts. Aluminium extrusion is the process of transforming aluminium alloy into objects with a definitive cross-section profile. It is also a process that makes the most of aluminium’s unique combination of physical characteristics in a way that allows for a wide range of results to be achieved.

So, why is aluminium extrusion the way to go for sculpting aluminium parts?

Range of design options

One stage of the aluminium extrusion process involves design work, during which an accurate design plan is created that will be used to ensure accurate results from extrusion. During this stage, CAD technology is used to produce a high definition image either in 2d or 3D so that you can visualise the end product from the very start of the extrusion process. This allows room for early alterations to the extrusion plans if you see fit, ensuring that there will be no disappointments at the final stage.

Cost efficient

Aluminium extrusions require less bespoke tooling than alternative manufacturing methods, allowing for the cost of production to be kept to a minimum, whilst still producing excellent results.

Wide range of finishing options

There is a wide range of finishing options available to ensure that your aluminium parts are made to the best standard that they can be. Your finishing options include punching, CNC machining, brushing, cutting to length, drilling, tapping, forming or aluminium anodising services simply depending on your individual needs. This is done through a very precise system to ensure that all finished products are fully functioning and ready to be used upon finish.

Can produce a wide range of shapes and sizes of aluminium parts

During aluminium extrusions, a die-cast is made to determine the shape and size that the aluminium will take when it is heated. This die is designed to mould the aluminium into the shape you need it to be and there are many options when choosing the shape and size of your die cast to ensure you achieve the exact results you want. These die casts are either hollow or solid. A hollow die is an extrusion that has single or multiple hollows in its shape. It is a more complex die structure, consisting of two parts that create the outer and the inner shape. A solid die, on the other hand, is designed to produce an extrusion with no hollow areas in it. This is a simple, one-part die resembling a template.  


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